26. May


In 2020 Novo mesto is celebrating 100 years since the beginning of the cultural manifestation called the Novo mesto Spring, in honour of a group of young local artists of different genres who marked the beginning of avant-garde art in Slovenia.

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11. February

Olympic Centre Novo mesto shines in All Its Dimensions

After the opening ceremony in November 2019 and following the main ceremony on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of our Olympic champion Leon Štukelj, the Olympic Centre Novo mesto opened its door to the first athletic training and competitions. In Slovenia, the Olympic Centre is one of the kind and, naturally, it was first tested ...

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About Novo mesto

Novo mesto is the regional urban centre of Southeast Slovenia and the main hub of Slovenian export economy. The rich archaeological sites in Novo mesto have also made it known as Novo mesto – The Town of Situlae. It offers its residents a welcoming environment for both life and work.

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Gregor Macedoni began his first term of office as the Mayor of the Municipality of Novo mesto at the end of 2014. At the end of 2018, he was re-elected and began his second term of office as the Mayor. Before taking the office, he worked in economy sector, however, he has always cooperated by means of civil-society organizations at the local, national ...

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Doing business in Novo mesto

Among all regions in Slovenia, economy indicators position the Dolenjska region at the very top. According to the percentage of net sales realized in foreign markets, the net value added per employee and the net revenues, the region is in the first place. As a home to many successful companies Novo mesto is a Slovenian export capital.

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Novo mesto has three main pillars of development − economic, cultural and educational, as well as a considerable number of institutions which support such activities. At the 2014 to 2020 financial framework period it is becoming clear that new challenges can be effectively confronted only with integrated approaches that are adjusted to local characteristics.

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International relations

Realizing that local and global issues are strongly interconnected and appreciating the knowledge and experience of international partners, the Municipality of Novo mesto keenly cooperates with its twin cities, is an active member of international networks and a reliable partner in project consortiums of local authorities and civil society.

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Novo mesto is the regional urban centre of the Dolenjska region (Lower Carniola), which lies in the heart of the south-eastern Slovenia with over 140,000 residents. Dolenjska is characterized by hilly and varied countryside, thermal springs, vineyards dotted hills, the Krka river valley, Kočevje virgin forests and rich cultural heritage.

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